Choosing the right software solution to handle the complex procurement and regulatory challenges of working with the U.S. government can be a daunting task. Our team of experts is experienced in identifying the requirements specific to your contracts and assisting our clients with making the decision on the right software package to fit their needs.

We frequently are called upon to assist large commercial contractors with the setup and design of the accounting system for their first government contract award, and have successfully worked with software implementation teams on Oracle, SAP, MS Dynamics and many other Accounting ERP packages to ensure that the compliance expectations are met without hampering the overall functions of the organization.

We are experienced in assisting clients in the migration from other systems to new ERP systems designed specifically for government contractors. We firmly believe that there is no “one-size” solution for every contractor’s needs, and are committed to a software requirements documentation process that allows our client to see the pros and cons of each solution available, and how that chosen solution will be impacted by additional growth in the future.