Proposal Cost Volume Development and Pricing

We will assist you in preparing well-supported cost proposal volumes that will meet the requirements of FAR Part 15 and solicitation requirements, and minimize risks of DCAA audit or procurement challenges to your cost development, estimating, and presentation methodology.

Our assistance also includes the development or review of your indirect rate forecast or a more formal Forward Pricing Rate Proposals (FPRP) for long-term use in pricing prospective cost proposals.

After the submission of your cost or rate proposals, we will support your staff during DCAA audits.

Through our cost proposal development/management services, we offer a variety of services, dependent on the contractor, and the capacity in which they need support. We can work in an advisory/oversight role to help determine compliance, strategy, and participate in red team reviews or we can provide a much more hands on approach to the preparation and development of contractor cost volume proposals which would include services such as:

  1. Proposal pricing:
    1. Pricing worksheet development
    2. Indirect rate forecasting and substantiation
    3. Direct cost pricing
    4. Labor category mapping and rate development using salary survey data
    5. Escalation determination and substantiation
    6. Fee determination and substantiation
    7. Indirect rate modelling
  2. Basis of Estimate (BOE) development/assistance
  3. Cost narrative writing and compliance review
  4. Cost volume Red Team review
  5. Subcontract proposal management:
    1. Preparing draft subcontract cost narrative templates
    2. Subcontractor proposal instructions
    3. Data call development and tracking
    4. Subcontract cost and price analysis
    5. Subcontractor price negotiation